PENEGUARD™ is a ready-to-use specially formulated copolymer that enhances standard and hardened concrete surfaces and cementitious overlays by forming a sealed protective finish resistant to water and stains.

PENEGUARD™ provides a high gloss aesthetic finish, eliminating the need for floor waxing, polymer-based coatings, liquid polishes and constant maintenance. PENEGUARD™ produces a high sheen when used over polished and burnished concrete.


  • Standard and hardened concrete
  • Terrazzo
  • Polished concrete
  • Cementitious overlays
  • Warehouse floors
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Distribution and storage facilities
  • Food-processing plants
  • Manufacturing / pharmaceutical facilities
  • Showrooms and schools
  • Any type of facility with exposed concrete surface


  • Fast drying – can be burnished in 30-60 minutes
  • Nanomolecules ensure deep penetration
  • Non-toxic – low VOC and odorless
  • Provides high gloss and good light reflection
  • Non-flammable
  • UV stable and breathable
  • Prevents efflorescence caused by ASR
  • Eliminates constant floor waxing
  • Reduces floor maintenance costs

For all cured & hardened concrete: PENEGUARD™ may be applied to steel-troweled, hardened and highly polished (multi-step grinding and polishing system) concrete surfaces. For achieving the best results, floors should be treated with PENESEAL™ FH or PENESEAL™ FH-PS prior to applying PENEGUARD™.

Step 1. Before the application of PENEGUARD™, lightly wet the clean microfiber cloth.

Step 2. Using a low-pressure sprayer, spray a very thin mist spray within the designed application area.

Step 3. Using the damp microfiber cloth and firm downward pressure, immediately spread the PENEGUARD™ (evenly, without increasing the thickness) to produce an even wet coating. Spread the product as far as possible while maintaining a wet edge. When properly applied, PENEGUARD™ dries quickly. Stop spreading once drying begins. Avoid overlapping.

Step 4. Allow material to dry (approximately 30-60 minutes).

Step 5. Using a high-speed burnisher (1,500 rpm), burnish the surface evenly until desired gloss and finish are achieved. Surface temperatures immediately behind the burnisher should be 90°F (32°C) or higher to allow PENEGUARD™ to fuse and bond to the substrate.

Step 6. For maximum gloss number reading, PENEGUARD™ may be reapplied (maximum 3 coats) by repeating the above steps 1 through 5.


 Application temperature limits: 40ºF to 100ºF (4°C to 38°C). The reaction of PENEGUARD™ will be slowed at lower temperatures. In these cases, the concrete should be protected from freezing for six days. The surface can be used as soon as the application is complete and the surface is dry to the touch.