Since confusion exists with the difference between PRAN and PRAH chemical admixtures, Penetron® Africa, in conjunction with Penetron® USA, would like to put your mind at ease. The basis for the two chemical admixtures relies upon their ability to resist hydrostatic pressure.

PRAN – Permeability-Reducing Admixture for Non-hydrostatic conditions (Hydrophobic or water-repellent chemicals). This Product will be predominately be used as a damp proofing admixture, where its resistance to water under pressure will be limited. This product is not suitable for concrete exposed to water under pressure.

PRAH – Permeability-Reducing Admixture for Hydrostatic conditions (Hydrophobic pore blockers and crystalline admixtures). This is basis of Penetron® products, a waterproofing admixture that is stable and is able to resist water under pressure. This product will predominantly be used for the construction of tanks, foundations and any water containing structures.

Over the past few years crystalline admixtures including Penetron® Admix have been widely established and accepted as the only true Permeability Reducing Admixtures for Hydrostatic conditions (PRAH) as classified by the American Concrete Institute (ACI).

Crystalline admixtures are hydrophilic materials that react with water in concrete to form an insoluble crystalline structure that seals pores, micro-cracks and capillaries. The formation of crystals in the capillary matrix significantly reduces concrete permeability. The result is a permanently dry concrete structure that is protected against the ingress of water and water-borne chemicals even under high hydrostatic pressure.

This method of protection has been proven to significantly slow down deterioration processes in concrete, enhancing durability and extending the service life of treated structures.

Contrary to crystalline admixtures, hydrophobic or water repellent chemicals such as pore blockers, fall under the category of Permeability Reducing Admixtures for Non-Hydrostatic conditions (PRAN). These materials can include various soaps, oils and long-chain fatty acids and are designed to repel water by covering the walls of pores and capillaries with a water repellent lining.

Penetron® is at the forefront when it comes to crystalline admixtures, with its third generation crystalline system and growing range of products. Your concrete waterproofing needs are only limited by your imagination!