Penetron chrystalline technology: a combination of PENETRON ADMIX, PENEBAR SW-55 waterstop strips, PENETRON and PENECRETE MORTAR was used to counter the groundwater at the construction site.

Enhanced durability: Penetron chrystalline products were used in the elevator pits, the suspended swimming pool and the concrete roof slabs of the Loftus Park project to waterproof the concrete matrix.

Penetron in the mix: Loftus Park Centre, a mixed use development, is adjacent to Pretoria’s legendary Loftus Versveld stadium, in the heart of the city’s sporting, cultural and diplomatic hub.

The first phase of the Loftus Park Centre, a mixed-use commercial development in the central district of Pretoria, South Africa, was completed December 2018. Penetron crystalline technology was used for the concrete roof slabs and the 25 m (82.5-foot) indoor swimming pool (within the new Virgin Active gym), and a second phase to add additional commercial and office buildings is underway.

Developed by Abland and Redefine Properties, the R1.45 billion (US$10 million) Loftus Park Centre is located next to the city’s legendary Loftus Versfeld Stadium, in the heart of Pretoria’s sporting, cultural and diplomatic hub. A heritage building, which was the “Sin Bin” tennis clubhouse built in 1929 and later became an infamous pub, forms a historic nucleus of the Loftus Park project.

The first phase of construction was carried out by WBHO Construction. It centers on an open-air piazza surrounded by two floors of restaurants, a health club and gym, office space (34,000m2/374,000 square feet), various commercial services, and a 1,800-car underground parking garage for stadium sports fans.

“Only walking distance from the University of Pretoria and two high schools, the project benefited dozens of architecture students, who were able to learn by observing the structural engineers from Aurecon and the WBHO Construction team in action,” adds Neil Courtney, Managing Director of Penetron Africa.

Sustainable Design Certified

Designed by Studio 3 Design House, the project integrated many sustainable features, qualifying the project as a 4- Green Star development. It is also part of the regional Gautrain network and the Pretoria city bus system. Grant Silverman, Abland Marketing Director, added, “The Loftus Park Centre sets a new standard for quality precincts in Pretoria and seamlessly brings together business and leisure in one vibrant destination.”

Penetron crystalline technology was specified to counter the effects of the groundwater at the construction site. A combination of PENETRON ADMIX, PENEBAR SW-55 waterstopstrips, and PENETRON and PENECRETE MORTAR topical materials was used in the elevator pits, the suspended swimming pool, and the concrete roof slabs to waterproof the concrete matrix, construction joints and tie-holes. In addition, PENETRON was topically applied – as a mortar and slurry – on key retaining walls and on one of the water storage tanks.

Comprehensive Concrete Protection

PENETRON ADMIX provides comprehensive protection against concrete deterioration caused by chemical attack, freeze-thaw cycles, and corrosion, while withstanding hydrostatic pressure. Added during batching, PENETRON ADMIX can significantly increase concrete durability and service life.

“The excellence of the Penetron crystalline technology also became apparent when the project engineers were able to solve various waterproofing issues that had previously foiled conventional waterproofing systems,” says Neil Courtney.